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The SHAPEWEAR SHOP affiliate program is a program whereby participating people or companies can earn money by promoting our products.


How does it work?

There are two options for you to use depending on your marketing strategy. 

We suggest the link method on social media, and the coupon method on static banner ads

Link method -

Referrals are tracked using a "cookie" that is set when the person clicks on  your unique link. You will be given your own unique link when you become an affiliate.

When your affiliate link is clicked, we will set a "cookie" on the web browser of the person who clicked the link.(valid for 30 days)

Link expiry: 30 days. Your referrals need to complete their purchase in 30 days for you to be attributed the commission. After 30 days your referral link will not track the sale for that referral. 

Link usage: unlimited

Customer discount: 0%

Coupon code method -

Referrals are tracked using your unique coupon code, set up by you when you approved.

Coupon expiry: Your coupon code does not expire, but your Coupon code is limited to one use per customer

Coupon usage: 1 per customer

Customer discount: 10%


How do I join?

In order to become an affiliate, you first need to register here: , and then fill in the affiliate application online.

How much do I earn?

  • You will earn 10% of the value order (excl VAT) for each order your customer you refer.

How much discount does my customer get?

  • Your customer will receive 10% discount only if they use the coupon code, no discount is applied if they use your link

    When do I get paid commission?

    • At the end of every month

    How do I get paid commission?

    • By bank transfer
    • Sorry not Paypal yet

    Can I track my referrals orders?

    • Yes, you log in to your dashboard and can see the orders you are due commission for


    Where can I use my link or coupon code?

    You can use your link on any banner, social media post or email and blog  post.

    You may not include links on your website if your website contains material that is of an offensive, racist, or pornographic nature.

    You may not mention any competing brand in your advertising methods.

    In connection with your participation in the program you will comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, orders, licenses, permits, judgements, decisions, and other requirements of any governmental authority that has jurisdiction over you, including laws that govern marketing email.

    If we change the affiliate fees, then the new fees will apply to all referrals that become eligible for payment from that point onward, even if the referred customer registered before the change.

    Payment will only be processed to a South African bank account, we cannot process payment to any international banks.


    Either SHAPEWEAR SHOP or you may close the affiliate account at any time and without notice.

    In the event of such termination, you agree to remove all links to SHAPEWEAR SHOP from your website and delete all product related data provided by SHAPEWEAR SHOP from your computers within 14 days of the closure of the affiliate account, including data in original form and also parts and modified versions thereof. No commissions accrue to closed accounts.

    Please note that discount, affiliate  and promo codes cannot be used during national sales eg: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Xmas in July , Easter Sale etc

     Good luck and happy selling :)


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