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Your Guide To Buying a Bra Online

November 23, 2020

Are you updating your wardrobe essentials? Buying a bra online is the next best thing if you can't visit the lingerie aisle and get your fit in-store. If you're ready to ditch the dash to the store and trade browsing the isles for a simple click of a button, then we've got you covered in more ways than one.

Shopping for a bra online in South Africa doesn't have to be a daunting task if you know what to look for and how to match up measurements. If you're still unsure on how to shop for a bra online then here's an easy guide on how to measure yourself at home before shopping for bras online.

Taking your bra size

Confused about sizing? You're not alone. Bra sizes differ from brand to brand, regions and countries. Before you begin, it's good to get an understanding of the international bra size charting and size conversions. 

In South Africa, it's common to use the UK/USA size chart and the British imperial system (inches). In this blog, we will refer to this system to avoid further confusion.

There are two basic measurements you should always use to guide your size: the band size and the cup size. You can easily take these two measurements at home before ordering and avoid yet another ill-fitting bra (we've all been there).

The right size bra should always fit well. Check that the straps adjust comfortably on your shoulders and that there are no lines or bulging skin showing underneath clothes.

Measure the band size

For best results, use the measuring tape while standing up, preferably without wearing a bra. You can also use your old comfortable non-padded bra for the fitting. 

To get the band size of the bra, which provides support for your bra, measure under your bust in a steady line parallel to the ground. The tape should feel snug but never tight or too loose around your back. 

Your band size is the even number measured in inches, for example, 34. Round it up to an even number if you get an odd number. If you get 33, your band size is 34. 

Measure the cup size 

To get the cup size right, you should measure first directly around the fullest part of your breasts. This is your bust measurement. The cup size is the difference between this bust measurement and the band size previously taken.

So, if your bust size is 37 and the band size 34, you are a cup size 3 or letter C (A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, D is 4, and so on). Together, your band and the cup size make your complete bra size. In the example above, that is 34C.

Shop for bras online

Now that you have your correct bra size use this as a benchmark whenever buying a bra online, using the size chart available on the website.

As for fit, comfort and support, consider the material composition, padding and wiring of the bra model you want to purchase (usually found in the product description).

For example, a padded and underwired bra gives additional breast support, while moulded cups from stretchy fabrics - spandex and nylon - provide a shaping, seamless fit.

Generally, full-size cup or balconette bras offer better support for a fuller bust and half-size cup or bralette options are better suited for smaller breasts.

If you need help choosing the appropriate bra colour for your everyday work outfit, always go with the general rule: nude instead of white for with a light-coloured, thin or sheer t-shirt or blouse, and black for darker tops. 

That doesn't mean you can't have fun with colour for a special occasion. Wear lacy black or a contrasting colour, say red or purple, underneath a super sexy shirt or sheer blouse. If you are showing off cleavage or rocking the off-the-shoulder look, choose a strapless bra. 

Nowadays you can find online convertible multi-way bras that suit every type of outfit and occasion, so you can wear them with confidence everywhere you go. So, shopping for bras online is easy and fun once you know your bra size!

 Time to upgrade your wardrobe

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