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Can I Wear a Body Shaper All Day?

November 18, 2020

So you've heard about these so called body shapers that can help you fit into figure hugging outfits with ease but you're wondering if its the right option for you. 

We get plenty of questions about body shapers.

  • Is it safe to wear a body shaper every day?
  • How long can I wear it?
  • and what are the risks?

To help you get the answers you need and make you feel more at ease with the idea of a body shaper, we answer your most common questions about your favourite body shaper.


Is wearing a body shaper safe?  

Shapewear is designed to be stretchy, smooth and comfortable on your skin so that it won't damage your body permanently. Yet, depending on how often you wear it and the chosen fit, you may notice 

Body shapers are safe to wear as long as you buy the right size and fit, and ideally you take some time off in-between wears. However, if you are prone to specific health issues or you have concerns about wearing body shapers, be extra careful with shapewear.

Can I wear a body shaper daily?

Wearing a body shaper daily for prolonged times is not a good idea. So is sleeping all night in shapewear. There are known health risk generally associated with wearing tight garments for extended periods, most commonly cramps, skin infections, rashes and UTIs. 

Don't make wearing a body shaper a daily habit and restrict long-term use. It's best to alternate the days of wearing body shapers to minimise potential health problems and give your body the rest it deserves.

How long should I wear a body shaper?  

By all means, wear the body shaper under your clothing for that special occasion, but limit the duration - eight hours max at once should do the trick to look and feel fabulous. 

How do I know my body shaper is too restrictive or I'm wearing it for too long?

Look at the telltale signs. Tighter than necessary garments worn for too long can severely affect blood circulation, cause pain and discomfort, lead to skin irritation, leg cramping and numbness.

Depending on the body shaper, potential side effects include indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome due to continuous compression in the waist region, or acid reflux when pressuring the stomach and digestive tract.

You may even experience difficulty in breathing if the body shaper is squeezing too tight the upper body and chest area, or severe leg cramping if you like to wear extra tight-fitting shaping pants regularly.

How do I shop for the right body shaper?

When you shop for body shapers, avoid the temptation of going for a smaller size than your usual clothing fit, as this may be too tight and put pressure on your nerves and organs.

If fitting in-store, the body shaper should stretch well over the skin, smoothing the problem areas without exposing bulges or constrict your movements. It shouldn't hurt or cause pain. Too tight? Ask for a size up.

Buying a body shaper online is easy, safe and stress-free. Take your measurements beforehand and consult the size chart before ordering. If you are concerned about your purchase, Shapewear Shop can refund or replace the item upon returning it.

Ready to shop for body shapers?

Shapewear Shop is the one-stop online store for shapewear in South Africa. Browse through our wide selection of body shapers for every size, shape, and style.

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